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Talstar Xtra W/Verge 25 Lbs.


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Lawn pests dont just crash picnics. Some, like imported fire ants, can pose a serious health risk for humans and pets. As a pest management or turf professional, homeowners count on you, to quickly eliminate these invaders and keep them from coming back. Thats why FMC Professional Solutions has created new Talstar XTRA featuring Verge granule technology, a proprietary solution for outdoor pest control thats faster than you ever thought possible.

The broad spectrum control of new Talstar XTRA featuring Verge is labeled for use against over 75 lawn pests. Get up to four months of reliable control of most ants (including fire ants) as well as chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, earwigs, crane flies and many other lawn pests.*

Label: http://www.fmcprosolutions.com/Portals/pest/Content/Docs/Labels/Talstar%20XTRA%20Verge%2009-12-12%20Comm.pdf

SDS: http://msdsviewer.fmc.com/private/document.aspx?prd=6676-A~~PDF~~MTR~~AGHS~~EN~~2016-05-26%2011:47:08~~Talstar%c2%ae%20Xtra%20Granular%20Insecticide%20Featuring%20Verge%20Granule%20Technology~~

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 18 in


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